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    Louvine is an independent clothing company based in Seignosse, SW France.

    A loose gathering of fishermen, surfers and musicians (The Louvine Collective) give us feedback and ideas on what designs they like or think are on point. 

    When the time is right, we produce small collections of tees, hats and accessories for fishing and outdoor living.

    A typical day @louvinecollective, Seignosse starts by crossing the road, coffee in hand to check the ocean panorama from atop the dune.

    Face southeast and the Pyrenean mountain peaks fill the distant horizon en route southbound towards the pintxos bars and paved streets of San Sebastian's old town.

    Freshwater streams, lakes and rivers meander across the backcountry hinterland flowing into the Bay of Biscay. This is Louvine country.

    In the Basque and Landes regions of SW France, Atlantic Seabass are called LOUVINE, pronounced louvEEn. They are the ultimate predators, adapting and hunting in a wide range of marine environments.


    Drop by and see us at the Louvine Collective Shop in Seignosse, France.

    45 Avenue de Penon

    40510 Seignosse France