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    louvine collective — louvine

    French trout season kicks off

    The French trout season kicks off in a couple of days. No doubt your fly gear and small stream spinners are waxed, buffed, polished and high-heeled.

    Just to wet your lips here's some picks from a recent trip to Croatia with Tanguy and Steph visiting Robert Pljuscec (photo credit thanks). Also, Fabien, Yon, Olivier and David in the Pyrenees. In Brittany with Thomas and Sylvain from @seabassfctory yeew!

    Have a good one and stay safe!!!

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    Fresh water carnage in Spain

    Y'all probably dustin' down tackle and preparing for the spring season with impatience. Got the itch for a trip? Tanguy Marlin, Benoit Claverie and BaSStien Nicolay recently headed down the Iberian peninsula and parked the Spanish Caravan by a picturesque lake and nailed a few predators........ If you aren't planning a trip then you should be.......LIFE'S a DRAG - just go fishing!

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